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   No 4, 2003                                                                            Past Issues


10.  PhDr. Zdenek Nemec:
 Important appreciation for graphic artists.


LieslerThe president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus did award in October 2003 to our honor member prof. Josef Liesler state decoration for his lifelong artistic creativity.








BornThe same decoration gave the president also to the academic painter Adolf Born. He received above that on December 11th 2003 from the hands of the French ambassador in the Czech Republic Mr. Joel de Zorz, the decoration " Knight of art and literature". This decoration is award to important artistic personalities from around the whole world, if their work came into the French awareness. At present his work is published in the Czech Republic and France famous book of A. Dumas "three musketeers" illustrated by A. Born. The French readers are very enthusiast. Congratulation!

 Translation Marcela Groeneveld (www.e-l-g.nl) 

Contens No 4, 2003


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